Sean O Nuallain

Sean O Nuallain holds an M.Sc. in Psychology from University College, Dublin (UCD) Ireland & a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. He is the author of a book on the foundations of Cognitive Science: “The Search for Mind” (Ablex, 1995; 2nd ed Intellect, 2002; Third edition Intellect, 2003 and co-editor of “Two Sciences of Mind” (with Paul Mc Kevitt and Eoghan Mac Aogain (Benjamins, 1997); editor of “Spatial Cognition”; co-editor of “Language, Vision, and Music” (Benjamins, 2002) and of “Ireland: a colony once again” (CSP, 2012). His “Being Human: the Search for Order” (Intellect, 2002) sold out its first print-run immediately and has been published in a second edition (2004), launched at Stanford bookstore in May, 2004. Sean is the author of the cognitive science text the search for mind and many other monographs and edited collections including most recently seven volumes of proceedings from 2014 to 2019 with his group called Foundations of Mind.

Riccardo Zerbetto

Riccardo Zerbetto, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, past president of the Italian Association for Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, of the European Association for Psychotherapy-EAP, of the Federazione Italiana delle Scuole e Istituti di Gestalt, of Alea-Italian Association for the study of Gambling. Director of the Centro Studi di Terapia della Gestalt-CSTG in Siena and Milan recognized by the Ministry for training in psychotherapy. In the “Podere Noceto” Retreat Center, where the FOM Summer School will be held, he hosts many different workshops, activities and therapeutic retreats.

Bruno Neri

Bruno Neri was born in 1956, since 2000 he is Full Professor of Electronics at University of Pisa, where he has been Director of the Department of Information Engineering and of the Master program degree in Electronic Engineering.  His primary research activity has been in the field of microwaves and wireless systems. Presently he is engaged in a research program concerning the effects of meditation on brain activity, in cooperation with the Tibetan Monastic University of Sera-Jey (India). In September 2017 he was co-chair of the Symposium “The Mindscience of Reality” in which His Holiness the Dalai Lama participated as a guest of honor. Bruno Neri is the co-author of about 150 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and international conference proceedings.

Tania Re

Tania Re, Clinical Psychologist, Medical Anthropologist and Complementary Therapist (CH). She is founder member of the Unesco Chair “Health Anthropology, Biosphere and Healing systems” inside the University of Genoa (IT) and she is currently researcher by the Integrative Medicine Centre at the Careggi Hospital in Tuscany (IT). She teaches Ethnomedicine and Medical Anthropology at the Clinical Herbal Medicine Master at the University of Florence, and to nurses at the Faculty of Medicine in Turin. Her research interests are focused to understand the traditional healing systems processes connecting mind, body and spirit in different cultures with an interdisciplinary groups that involve physicists, medical doctors and anthropologists.

Mário Simões

Mário Simões Holds both a M.A. and Ph.D. in Psychiatry. Retired Professor of Psychiatry and Mental Health and the Sciences of Consciousness in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Lisbon. Director of post-graduation Courses in Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis at the University Fernando Pessoa, Porto, Portugal. Director of LIMMIT– Laboratory for Mind-Matter Interaction with Therapeutic Intention, at the Faculty of Medicine, Lisbon, sponsored by Bial Foundation. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Bial Foundation. His professional and research interests include psychology and physiology of altered states of consciousness, ethno medicine and human exceptional experiences.

Phillip K. Shinnick

Phillip K. Shinnick holds an M.P.A. in National Security Policy from the University of Washington and served as a Systems Officer in the US Air Force as a Captain at Space and Missile SystemsOrganization. He received a Ph.D in Social Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley and became an Assistant Professor of History and Sociology at Rutgers University and later at New York Medical College. With Yoshiaki Omura M.D., Sc.D. published Acupuncture and Electro-therapeutics Research, the International Journal (New York) and now the Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes (India) He has published two books, One on non-invasive a diagnostic method and the other on his compiled research with prominent scientists. His other publications are on clinical studies in heart disease, spinal injuries, historical medicines, electro-magnetic energy, Qigong, addiction and self-healing. He is Chairman of Athlete United for Peace with consultant status with ECOSOC of the UN and is an Ambassador
with UNESCO active throughout the world. He broke the World Record in the long jump, competed on the Olympic team twice and was Captain of the National team in track and field.

Andrea Careggio

Andrea Careggio is a Psychologist hypnologist and Gestalt therapist. Pupil of Claudio Naranjo, he studied folk medicine from his master don Leandro Caldera. He’s been working for over twenty years to integrate a specific technique called bonesetters with the therapeutic practice. His experience led to the development of some practices: the reverse breathing technique (RBT), a specific body work (THT) and to the concept of human maintenance. He integrates his research with the study of psychosomatic relationships and quantum physics. Its current area of interest is the relationship between psyche, the spirit and the energy of the zero point. He believes that therapy is a spiritual act of informative energy and that psychology requires complete review taking away from positivism.

Giulia Moiraghi

Giulia Moiraghi is a post-doctoral researcher in Philosophy. After a summa cum laude Master’s Degree in Contemporary Aesthetics from the University of Milan, she completed a Ph.D. in Philosophy on Ethics and Art in post-Nietzschean thought at the University of Verona in 2010. She is the author of a book “In cammino verso la cosa. Heidegger dall’estetica all’ontologia” (Mimesis 2006) on the role of art in the thought of German philosopher Martin Heidegger and has written several essays on philosophical and artistic subjects. She is a certified yoga teacher and Y.A.N.I. member (National association of yoga teachers) and teaches yoga and meditation since 2013 in Rovereto where she founded “Fenomeno Yoga” in order to create a bridge of communication between Eastern contemplative practices and Western philosophical research. In 2017 she published with Corriere della Sera: Cura e Ardore. Il rigore e la passione della pratica yoga, RCS, Milano, 2017.

David Bernal-Casas

David Bernal-Casas studied Physics at the University of Barcelona. After finishing his studies he got a scholarship at the University of Heidelberg where he did a PhD in Computational Neuroscience. In his doctoral work he used stochastic dynamic causal modelling (sDCM) for fMRI responses to investigate the modulatory effect of genetic risk variants for schizophrenia on the prefrontal-hippocampal network and describe how these alterations influence behavior in healthy participants and patients.

Nicola Luigi Bragazzi

Nicola Luigi Bragazzi was born on the 2nd of March 1986 in Carrara (MS), Tuscany (Italy) and is a BSc, MD, MSc, PhD and a specialist in Public Health. He got his MD on the 15th of July 2011 with a final mark of 110/110 cum laude with a thesis on Personalized Nanomedicine (“Nanomolecular aspects of medicine, at the cuttingedge of the nanobiosciences in the field of health-care”) and the joint Italo-Russian MSc in nanobiotechnologies at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia on the 27th of April 2012. He got his PhD in biophysics at Marburg University, Germany with a final mark of “very good”, on the 16th of January 2014. Currently, he is working at the Laboratory for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Sungchul Ji

Sungchul Ji received a Ph. D. degree in physical organic chemistry in 1970 from the State University of New York at Albany and carried out postdoctoral researches in enzymology, biophysics, systems physiology, and toxicology at the University of Wisconsin (Madison), University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Max Planck Institute of Systems Physiology at Dortmund (Germany), and the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, before joining Rutgers University School of Pharmacy in 1982 as an associate professor. His decades-long research has resulted in two books entitled Molecular Theory of the Living Cell: Concepts, Molecular Mechanisms, and Biomedical Applications, published in 2012, and The Cell Language Theory: Connecting Mind and Matter in 2018.

Paul J. Werbos

Paul J. Werbos has four degrees in applied mathematics and economics from Harvard and LSE. He was one of three Directors of the Energy, Power and Adaptive Systems program at NSF, until retiring in 2015. He led three core areas for research in the Engineering Directorate: adaptive and intelligent systems; quantum theory and modeling for electronic and photonic systems and devices; and power grids. He is a Fellow of IEEE and of the International Neural Network Society (INNS), and winner of their Neural Networks Pioneer and Hebb awards, respectively. 24 of his publications at scholar.google.com have citation indices over 100, across many fields.

Gabriele Penazzi

Gabriele Penazzi was born in 1992. Is graduate in Cognitive Psychology with an internship in research activity on the effects of temporal preparation induced by visual rhythmic entrainment (Multisensory Research Group, CIMeC). Attending his Neuroscience MD, he is currently doing research at University of Trento in collaboration with the University of Pisa in order to understand the neurophysiological activity of the olfactory epithelium’s receptors and their involvement in the effects elicited by breathing techniques, such as Pranayama breathing. As president of the cultural association URLA organizes cultural events, talks and workshops.