One of the main fields of interest of the foundation of mind concerns neurodynamics, a concept theorized by Walter Freeman. In this section, by way of example, some introductory and preliminary materials to the domain are made available to the student in form of video lectures. To facilitate the understanding of the materials, it is proposed to the student who is approaching neurodynamics for the first time, to enroll two free courses on e-Learning platform EDX: “Neuronal Dynamics” and “Matlab & Octave for beginners“.

EDX’s Neuronal Dynamics

“This course gives an introduction to the field of theoretical and computational neuroscience with a focus on models of single neurons. Neurons encode information about stimuli in a sequence of short electrical pulses (spikes). Students will learn how mathematical tools such as differential equations, phase plane analysis, separation of time scales, and stochastic processes can be used to understand the dynamics of neurons and the neural code.”

You can freely enroll this course on EDX platform by clicking here

EDX’s Matlab & OCTAVE

In order to interact with the computational systems proposed in the neurodynamics course, it is strongly recommended the coding proficiency in languages such as Matlab or Octave.

You can freely enroll this course on EDX platform by clicking here

FOM Neurodynamics Lectures

Lecture 1: Neurophysiology

Lecture 2: Modalities

Lecture 3: Mesoscopic