How to subscribe to the FOM Summer School retreat

In order to subscribe to the Summer School firstly you need to go to the Foundations of Mind website ( and send a donations of 80 euros if you are a university student or 180 euros if you are not a student. Then you have to send a mail to with your personal details (name, surname, residence, and eventually university course you are attending) and the IBAN/Paypal account you used for the donation to the Foundations of Mind. In this way your subscription to the summer school will be complete: the rest of the money used to cover food and lodging expenses will be paid directly in Noceto the 26th of August at the beginning of the Summer School. If you made the subscription with the student fee bring your university badge.

Noceto Retreat Center costs: From 26 to 29 with accomodation and 3 meals a day including the breakfast and the lunch of Friday the 30th : 235 euros.
There is the possibility to bring your own tent if you like to camp in the nature: in this case you will have a special discount of 75 euros.

For any question please fell free to contact Gabriele Penazzi to the address or by phone at the number +39 3804690136